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We would like to inform you that as of December 1, 2020, we do not accept patients under the National Health Fund.


The list of medical clinics that operate within the insurance at the National Health Fund is available at the following address. All visits planned under the National Health Fund have been canceled. If you are interested in commercial visits, please contact us via the form to make an appointment.

What we do ?

Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu offers comprehensive dental treatment. We have been operating on the local market since 2008. It’s worth trusting us because thanks to cooperation of specialists from different fields we provide a comprehensive approach to each problem.


We treat adults and their beloved kiddies. Our feature is family atmosphere – it’s the second generation of specialists that works here. It has all started with Izabella Doniec-Zawidzka, M.D. Who, thanks to her knowledge, professionalism and her involvement, has created a unique place on the medical map of Szczecin. The treatment is provided in modern, specious interior of a villa in Pogodno district, in front of which you will find plenty of parking places. Each of surgeries is fitted with state-of-art diagnostic equipment. Being seated in our comfortable chairs you can be sure that your smile will be taken care of by the best specialists who are constantly advancing their medical knowledge on courses and in trainings. 


If necessary, we offer payment in installments. You can also pay by credit card. If you think a doctor’s appointment is always stressful, visit Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu and find out that professional medical care can also be pleasant for the patient.

Treatments available


Would you like to improve your occlusion? Or maybe your child needs a new appliance? The correct teeth setting is not only an aesthetic issue but mainly the health one.



If your teeth are healthy but you are not fully satisfied with their looks, we invite you to consult our specialists in cosmetic dentistry.



Periodontology is the field of dentistry that diagnoses and treats periodontal and oral mucosa diseases.


Oral hygiene

The reason for the deterioration in aesthetics are gingival recessions, which lead to the exposure of the surface of tooth roots.



We deal with a wide range of tooth decay prevention and cavity treatment. We invite you for check-ups and treatments such as pain-free tooth decay treatment under local anaesthesia or cavity treatment with light-cure.



If you would like to fit a denture or restore a lost tooth tissue, our prosthodontist are on call. It's worth taking care of it not only for esthetic reasons.


Root-canal Treatment

It's a branch of dentistry that deals with root-canal treatment. That is removing infected dead tooth pulp from the inside of the crown and the root canals and filling the hole in.


Pediatric Dentistry

Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu is a friendly place for the youngest patients. We do our best to ensure a stress - free pedodontic treatment.


Our Team

The strength of Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu lies in its team whose aim is to do their job on the highest level.
It comprises of people who constantly develop their skills by taking part in numerous symposiums and trainings.


Izabella Doniec-Zawidzka

Doctor of Medical Science,
Dentist, Specialist in Orthodontics

She is a 1st and 2nd degree specialist with 30 years of work experience. She graduated from Pomeranian Medical University and in years 1985 – 2004 she worked at the Orthodontics Department there. In 1994 she defended her doctoral thesis in orthodontics for which she also got a science reward. She has run Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu since 2008. She likes this place. She was born in Szczecin and stayed here by choice. In her free time she takes her bike and explores the world.

Aleksandra Marcula


Born and raised in the Świętokrzyskie Province – the so-called Scyzoryk. A graduate of Dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw. She was brought to Szczecin by the desire to develop a specialization in orthodontics. Feels comfortable in the office and enjoys working with people. Privately travel lover, snowboarding and pets enthusiast.


Daria Derbiszewska

Dentist, Specialist in Orthodontics

She has been living and studying in Szczecin since she was born. A graduate of Mieszka I Secondary School no.2. In 2018, she graduated with honors the Pomeranian Medical University. Her orthodontic dream came true after becoming part of our team of „Fabryka Uśmiechu”. She is specializing in orthodontics. Full of positive energy, which she willingly uses not only at work but also on the dance floor. In her free time, she prepares young couples for the most important dance in their lives.

Dorota Zawidzka

Doctor of Medical Dentistry
A graduate of Medical Academy in Wrocław. She has worked at Fabryka Zdrowego uśmiechu since 2012 and she wishes it would stay this way as this place constantly stimulates professional development. She likes her job. In her free time she follows a simple plan: When it’s windy, she does kitesurfing. When it’s not, she does wakeboarding. If the water is cold, she does snowboarding. The last names are not coincidental.

Wiktor Mazurek

Doctor of Medical Dentistry
A Cracovian who has stayed in Szczecin for good. A graduate of Pomeranian Medical University. He gained experience in a public and private clinic. He has been running the latter one since 1986. He specialises in conservative and esthetic dentistry as well as in prosthetics. He pays particular attention to root – canal treatment. He conducts most of procedures with the use of a dental microscope.

Tomasz Kurek

Doctor of Medical Dentistry
In 2003 he graduated from Pomeranian Medical University. He trained his skills at different dental clinics in Szczecin also in Malmö, Sweden. Since he became Matylda’s dad, he has been highly responsive to the needs of youngest patients. While treating children, he uses psychological knowledge which, apart from dentistry, is his passion. The combination of these two disciplines gives him great satisfaction and he hopes it translates into their satisfaction as well.

Emilia Binkiewicz

Dental hygienist
She graduated from the University of Szczecin, majoring in biology. In search of her life path, she obtained a Dental Hygienist diploma. She went to Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu for apprenticeship … and decided to stay with us forever. Emilia cannot imagine her life without sport and football is her huge passion.

Gabriela Wojewódzka

Dental hygienist
A native of Szczecin. In 2000, she graduated in economics from the local West Pomeranian University of Technology. In 2014, she obtained a dental assistant diploma, which was only an incentive to obtain further knowledge in that field. Although she has been working as a certified dental hygienist since 2018, she became our team member in 2015. „Work gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. When I’m not working, you can find me by the lake with a fishing rod in my hand”, she says. Mountains are her new passion.

Laura Popielarz

Dental hygienist
A certified dental hygienist who deals with sterilization supervision as she is also a sterilization technician. A resident of Szczecin, she feels most happy when listening to music and cooking after hours. Experimenting in the kitchen and combining new flavors is her passion. As a teenager, she sang in the Coro per caso choir to the accompaniment of the Italian pianist, Enrico Pesce.

Edyta Kogut

Edyta will greet you with a wide smile and will take care of all the administrative matters. She will help you to find the most convenient date for your visit. In 2018, she completed postgraduate studies in resource management in healthcare entities. A huge sports and good cuisine enthusiast. After work, she loves to spend her time actively. You may also find her relaxing doing yoga classes.

Agnieszka Lach

Dental technician
A humanist who discovered a passion for prosthetics. She combines the knowledge from these two worlds: she graduated from both the humanities studies at the University of Szczecin and the post-secondary school in the field of dental technician, where she currently teaches orthodontics. She works at Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu and is professionally fulfilled. Agnieszka thrives to constantly develop her skills: she uses the knowledge and experience of specialists, participates in trainings, conventions and conferences. An author of articles in orthodontic industry magazines. She works in a professionally equipped workshop, operating a welder, scanner and 3D printer. In her free time, she designs jewelry, listens to jazz, devotes herself to her passion for diving and relaxes while cycling in the Wkrzańska and the Arkoński Forest.

Damian Hejman

Dental Assistant

He became a technician in 2017 but he has been in the „factory” team since the very beginning. This place constantly stimulates his professional development as he tackles new tasks every day. After hours, he is an amateur triathlete. He trains a lot and always gives his best.


Find out the price ? The prices listed below are approximate. The total cost of treatment depends on the patient’s needs.


If necessary, you can pay in installments. You can also easily pay by card.

If necessary, you can pay in installments. You can also easily pay by card.


We accept MediRaty - the first in Poland, generally available financing system for medical services.

We accept MediRaty - the first in Poland, generally available financing system for medical services.


You will easily find a free parking spot on the premises of our clinic, also for your two-wheeled vehicle.

You will easily find a free parking spot on the premises of our clinic, also for your two-wheeled vehicle.


Our feature is family atmosphere - it's the second generation of specialists that works here.

Our feature is family atmosphere - it's the second generation of specialists that works here.

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Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu offers comprehensive dental, endocrine and gynecological treatment.

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Fabryka Zdrowego Uśmiechu offers comprehensive dental treatment.


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